About us

The History of Our Agency

I am Atamyrat Hangeldiyev, co-founder of Hangeldiyev Advertising Agency.

I want to mention about short history of our agency.

Actually, history of our agency is very old. Before invasion of Khanate of Khiva by Russia, my great great-grandfather Gurban Durdy and his partner Simon Goldstein founded "Goldstein & Durdy Reklamaçylyk" advertising agency.

Back then, products like phonograph, sewing machine were widely used, my great great-grandfather and his partner were responsible for advertising and marketing activities of companies which produce those products.

My great great-grandfather and his partner were visiting villages and selling their customers' products like kerosene lamps, watches, typewriters to the people. They made a fortune.

In 1920, khanate was destroyed. Soon, my great great-grandfather and his partner exiled to Siberia by socialist government, because they were wealthy.

Where does "Hangeldiyev" come from?

Fatherless Hangeldi, my great grandfather went to Second World War when he was 19-20 years old.

He served in machine gun troop in Czechoslovakia. In 1942, when he wounded for the first time, he didn't go to home to sleep, instead, he was working in school. After healed, he went to war again.

He hit by shrapnel, a bullet is shot into his arm, on the top of it, he got post-concussion syndrome. After war, he couldn't sleep because of nightmares.

After the war is over, he graduated from institute and became a teacher. He was a teacher until he died in 1990.

My surname comes from his name.

Me and my Jewish partner Furkan Gökçöl gave a name "Hangeldiyev" to our agency.

100 years ago, my great great-grandfather and his partner created 5 advertising principles, and we still use them in our agency:

• In advertising, there's no point in creativity if it doesn't sell.
• Intelligence of consumers should never be underestimated.
• Discipline is vital in advertising.
• If you don't have confidence in product, you can't sell it.
• Don't try to sell immediately, first, provide service.

Why Us

Today, people are exposed to thousands of ads everyday; on TV, in newspapers and magazines and mostly on internet sites. We can see that advertising has turned into spam. Among them, the number of ads that sell is very small. Because almost all of these ads are shouting, "Choose my brand", "Get my product", "Give me the money that you want to give it to my opponents." With such selfish advertisements you can not even sell the elixir of immortality. It's also strange that such advertising campaigns are being created by major advertising agencies.

However, with such advertisements, you will not only fail, but you will also underestimate the intelligence of consumers. That's why we decided to revolutionize the advertising by establishing the Hangeldiyev advertising agency. We don't make ads that people can love, we create advertising campaigns that can sell marketed product or service with more profit. Because if we grow our customers' businesses as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, we will grow with them. Just to be clear, our ideal customers are the ones who are willing to grow, determined and loyal.