Google Ads Campaigns That Sell

High-ROI ad campaigns that convert

Scientific Advertising

Google processes more than 1 trillion searches per year. You can quickly increase your sales with Google Ads campaigns targeted to the right audience. It's not enough that ads are just interesting, they must be both remarkable and persuasive, and they must sell the marketed product or service.

Google Ads Process

1. Research

First of all, we research for days or even weeks, to have as much information about your product or service as you are. We work with unique, creative and attractive ideas to create advertising campaigns that can quickly sell your product or service to target audiences.

2. Keyword Research

To get high-quality traffic, we do detailed keyword research to target the audience that is interested in your product or service.

3. Experiments

After we receive your approval, we will experiment with various advertising campaigns, we analyze which of them is converting more. This means we will not risk your entire advertising budget with blind predictions.

4. Optimization

We constantly optimize campaigns to improve your ad ROI further.

5. Profitable Strategies

We continue to develop effective strategies to further strengthen you against your competitors.

6. Improvements

Instead of limiting our work just to your advertising account, we may need to intervene in different areas, for example, we do endless A/B tests to improve your site's conversion rate.

Let's say - your site's conversion rate is 1.2% and if we increase this number to 1.8% with optimizations, your sales will increase by 50%!

Frequently asked Questions

Does this really work?

Google Ads provides more traffic and more conversions (if you do not have a bad product or service). These conversions depend on the creation of a positive investment in advertising spend.

Don't my opponents click on my ads?

Yes, this is a common and serious problem. But the tools we use can easily detect these clicks. In addition, if Google charges you for fraudulent clicks, such tools will send files to Google to return the fee later.

What is the fee for this service?

There are 3 things to note here: The fee you pay for the advertising agency (this is usually 15%), cost per click and daily or monthly advertising budget - and each of them varies by industry, keywords and goal of the campaign.

But it does not cost you anything once you have a profitable return on investment.

Campaign Optimization

Once we've created the ads, we'll do some optimizations to investigate the effectiveness of each campaign and make it even more effective. So we will test campaigns, keywords and cost-per-click (CPC).

We will eventually remove ineffective ads and publish the most effective ones.

The Hangeldiyev team will save you from all unnecessary advertising spending and will help you increase your return on investment. In advertising, the goal is not just to increase sales, but to get new customers at a profitable price.

In advertising, it is necessary to spend the ammunition in the most crucial area.